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The total amount of sum assured or the risk covered, is divided into people included in mode of Premium, this is what we call Insurance. Like house, vehicle, shop, factory etc to pay for the loss from fire, earthquake, explosion etc. in spite there are medical insurance ( to pay for medical expenses ), travel insurance, amount savings etc. For e.g in USA there are 25crore people for instance 1crore people need medical aid in a year (365 days) if each one pay for himself he can’t afford the treatment, but if all expenses are divided in 25crore people then every body can have complete medical facilities including hospitalization. So each one is ready to pay premium instead of facing problems, that means premium is for the welfare of all, don’t give the Premium by looking at yourself but give the Premium by looking at some body else. Sum Insured / People = Premium In blood bank also the same rule is applied where sum assured is equal to premium. Sum Insured = Premium Some time we call like Tax system also.


At the occasion of Eid ul Azha , some welfare trust do joint Qurbani for instance, one said they will do for Rs, 3500/= the other said for Rs, 3000/= because they have more people with them. In same way if everybody involves in the insurance system, the Premium will be the lowest.


When some insured thing is lost or damaged, it is replaced or repaired, but in case of Life Insurance, life cannot be replaced so the loss is tried to cover by the financial aid to the family members. The amount of premium is generated by the incumbent in his life gradually by his income and saving reducing his expanses. In short, Life Insurance is like a “ Bachat Committee” but it is legal, safe, pay profit and covers risk, while the “ Bachat Committee” cannot do this improve your Quality of lives, Fun in lives but in limit Saving for future expanses, pay premium ones yearly, don’t pay 12 installment of loan with interest . By: Aslam Karamali

  • Legal
  • Independent
  • Less People More Benefits
  • Unlimited Incom
  • Promotions
  • High Status
  • Honestly , Sincerely and Willingly

  • Time Management

      How and When

    • Woke up and got ready
    • Working
    • Eating
    • Prayer
    • Entertainment
    • Sleeping
  • Paper work

    • Prospecting

      • Relatives
      • Neighbors
      • Class mates
      • Friends
      • Shopkeepers
      • Community
      • Reference to reference
      • Other sources
      • Find your client in everyone
    • Approaching

      • By Phone
      • By personally visit
      • By Internet
      • By Postage
    • Fact finding

      • Correct Name and Spelling
      • Date of Birth according to CNIC
      • Femily History
      • Income , Expenses and Saving
      • Health Condition
    • Plan Presenting

    • Case closing or finalizing

      Proposal Form filling and sign, CNIC copy with sign on both side, Nominee’s CNIC copy with proposed sign on both side, If Medical proposal do MR, PUR, etc, And other underwriting requirements if any, Then submitting for underwriting.

  • Record maintain

    • Prospecting list: Name, Contacts
    • Time Record
    • Daily Program and Appointments
    • Policy Holders Records
  • Full or maximum product knowledge