In our country most of the people like to do office job but only 20% office jobs in market and it is full of people, so what 80% people are jobless? 10% of people invested their money in factories, mills, banks or investment companies, petrol pumps, buildings malls hotels and motels etc. and their investors paid the salary to the office job people. Rest of the 70%, 30% people do labour, and investors also give them salaries. Now 40% people do different kind of job e.g. shopkeepers, agents, brokers etc etc. all goods prepared in factories are sold by these sellers.

If sellers stop their work, 60% people work stop automatically.

  • 100% – 20% office jobs 80% remain
  • 80% – 10% investors 70% remain
  • 70% – 30% labours 40% remain
  • 40% – 40% Sellers

Many products are invisible but it is ready to sale, like insurance polices, Mutual funds, Units, Saving certificates Shares, Debentures, Cr Card, Dr Card, Loan etc etc. To sale these products is an art, which many sellers does not have, there for the people who has earned the degrees of Masters or MBA can handle these products very well as a Sales Manager.

Prepared by: Aslam Karamali