Our History

A.K Lakhondwala , Joined the Life Insurance Field on 24-Jun-1996 then completed Life Insurance Basic course in 1996 and 1997, General Insurance course in 1998 from Insurance Experts, Life and General Insurance Employer of Agent course in 1999, Life insurance unit linking course in 2003, life insurance Basic and Management course 2006 again and Marketing Management Series course in 2010 Plus in between Personal researches and studies about Insurance and life Insurance , Plus Blood Banks and many other courses.

Our vision & Mission

The knowledge and guidance of making safe investments and effective planning for families in making a bright future for children, well being of old family members providing a better quality of life for the whole family along with shared risk. Also to guide the appropriate risk division along with guideline for making insurance as a formidable career for graduates of MBA, BBA and MA which provides them opportunities to implements effective marketing and management strategies and to promote a bright future for the insurance sector by promoting it as a subject.